The Oscars, the Grammys, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Cannes—these are some of the most coveted, elegant, and visible events of the year where fashion, beauty, luxury, music, film, and lifestyle brands convene. From front-and-center glitz and glamour to elite after-parties and exclusive movie premieres, we can take your audience behind the red rope to experience the buzz and elevate your brand presence. Our credentials enable us to conduct live broadcast coverage around many of these events, allowing us to produce video content leading up to these occasions, giving your consumers a first look and your brand a front row seat. Whether it’s a radio media tour (RMT) to promote a musical artist’s latest album, a Twitter party predicting fashion and beauty front-runners, a satellite media tour (SMT), or a highly engaging video that captures the excitement of behind-the-scenes preparation, we produce quality content and use refined media vehicles and strategies to deliver the message to your audience. We make your brand the most important event.