Luxury | Jewelry

Opulence, lavishness, grandeur—words commonly used to describe luxury; words that repeatedly provoke a sensation, a perception, or a reaction. At EWM, we consider luxury to be a state of experience—experience reached through product or lifestyle. We have worked with some of the most revered luxury and lifestyle brands in such categories as jewelry, automotive, finance, yachting & sailing, real estate, and lifestyle sports. When working with clients in the luxury space, we understand that these brands and their products command a different level of care and attention. This market targets a finite consumer, so the approach we take to reach them is always well-thought-out, refined, and extremely pointed. Though luxury can be experienced by the masses in a multitude of ways, it is truly only attainable by a sliver of the population, which makes it important to implement targeted strategies and vehicles to effectively reach this audience. We offer the most competitive and sophisticated multimedia solutions to reach this audience across a large variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums. When working with luxury, we also understand the importance of detail and staying true to a brand’s image. Whether it’s using the finest video camera lens to capture the most favorable image or choosing the perfect composition to bring the imagery to life, we understand the essence a luxury brand is looking to convey. We have the experience and refined sensibility to deliver it.