When it comes to technology, cutting edge is what it’s all about. Therefore, when it comes to communicating your message, your strategy needs to be on the cutting edge too. From the latest games, gadgets, and digital consumer electronic creations to high-tech business solutions, we can help you create a message that makes tech lovers stand up and take notice. And when it comes to aligning your brand with tradeshows, top tech experts, or special events, we provide myriad opportunities. Whether it’s a major event like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or South by South West (SXSW) to reach the masses, niche events like the Luxury Technology Show (LTS) to reach the discerning, affluent consumer, or the Cyber Security Summit to reach C-level and business executives, we have the relationships to help implement the strategy and the capabilities to execute it. Create a scripted video news release (VNR) and audio news release (ANR) package announcing your latest invention or technological advancement to broadcast media; execute a live remote satellite media tour (remote SMT) from any large or small event showcasing your latest gadgets directly from your booth; or conduct an internal company “meeting of the minds” via an interactive webcast right from your desktop. No matter the request, we’ve got the ideas, relationships, and opportunities to make it happen.