​Our Work

Composed of a highly skilled team of award winning storytellers and media experts, Elias World Media specializes in video production, distribution, and high-visibility placement of branded content across television and digital screens. We create and disseminate video content on behalf of our clients to raise the visibility of their products, brands, and campaigns, providing them with an all-in-one combination of offerings to connect with their audiences via media placement. What we do is a craft—carefully cultivated over the years and bringing together the right techniques, the right technology, the right talent. We service brands, public relations agencies, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

​Our Team

​At the core of EWM is a team of some of the brightest minds and most talented individuals in the industry; making for a healthy, strong, adaptable company. Each member has been exclusively chosen to form a diverse and innovative team that truly delivers an unparalleled client experience. We are: producers, editors, journalists, writers, filmmakers, media specialists, graphic designers, live-event directors, videographers, photographers, and subject matter experts.

​Our Reach

​Wherever you need to be, we can make it happen. With our synergistic relationships and networks around the world and our use of wide-ranging vehicles and channels, we can produce and distribute video content globally. We can execute projects regardless of size or location and meet any and all of your video content needs. We understand the requirements of international media as well as the consumer market, which in turn allows us to help our clients identify opportunities and secure worldwide media coverage.

​Our Philosophy

​At EWM, we set the bar of excellence extremely high. We never cut corners, we act ethically, and we pay close attention to each and every detail. We find inspiration where others fail to look and use the sleekest, most forward-thinking practices in our execution of strategic plans.

EWM is determined to bring a higher standard of work product and client service experience to the multimedia services industry. We believe in perfection—it’s what we aim for with every project we undertake. We believe great work is born from the creative fire of a team that dares to push the boundaries—challenging ourselves to think differently, more openly, and toward more ingenious solutions.

We also believe that the experience our clients envision should be the experience they have. To attain this, we make our clients partners in achieving their desired results, and their loyalty is our greatest reward. By maintaining an honest and continuous dialogue, we create a collaborative spirit that enables the goal of long-term mutual success.

We are modern in how we think, in our style, and in our creative approach, but we are old-fashioned when it comes to our belief that clients should be shown the utmost respect and treated as individuals with goals that are unique. We believe in the brands we promote and we will work tirelessly until our clients are satisfied. Our end goal is the same for each and every client: great experience, great results.