Radio Media Tour (RMT)

A radio media tour (RMT) is a series of secured live and pre-recorded interviews between radio stations and your spokesperson across the country. RMTs are traditional media vehicles ideal for clients looking to target specific audiences and areas when promoting their spokespeople, announcements, and products via the airwaves. An RMT is a low-cost/high-return solution that can be easily coordinated and executed with short notice. Our media team will work with you to shape a story that will appeal to radio producers and their audiences. Interviews are pitched in advance and secured with a variety of top-market radio stations, as well as national and regional programs. RMTs are executed in the morning hours over the course of one day from a studio or remotely from the comfort of your home or office. With the guidance of our team, we will coordinate the interaction between your spokesperson and producers. Our RMT offering is all-inclusive of strategy, pitch development, media relations, production, and metrics.

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