Sarah Eggenberger

Sarah Eggenberger is an Editor-at-Large for NewBeauty Magazine representing the publication on TV segments and videos. Sarah is also style contributor reporting on the latest trends on beauty and fashion.

Sarah is an influential beauty and lifestyle expert, on-air spokesperson, beauty curator and published author. A veteran in the industry, Sarah has been sharing applicable beauty tips, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ways to primp, opening the black book of go-to products. She can be regularly seen on The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, EXTRA, The Steve Harvey Show, CNBC, NBC, Hallmark, CBS and Fox.

She has authored the book “Guide to Product Selection” which educates readers in selecting the best skincare for their needs. She contributed to the book “Tic, Tock Stop the Clock” that serves as an easy-to-use, anti-aging manual. Additionally, she is a regular contributor to health and beauty articles for top national and trade publications.

Sarah is highly accomplished product developer creating over 300 SKU’s and a strategic marketer for professional, natural, retail and specialty brands. She oversees and drives brand initiatives that increase awareness and growth to improve performance in revenue and market share. She has directed extensive rebranding, repackaging and SKU rationalization initiatives including new product positioning and messaging.

In addition, Sarah has conceptualized, developed and implemented successful communication strategies, content and education materials to market effectively to potential and existing retail partners and consumers. Speaking to doctors, estheticians across the US on how to market your business, marketing practices and social media building.

Sarah has in-depth beauty expertise and fashion sense combined with a down to earth approach and an ease in front of the camera. She is a mother to 2 young girls who have inherited the beauty and fashion genes.