Alastair Greer

Alastair Greer is one of the top health and fitness experts in the country and has made it his mission in life to help as many people as possible be healthy, energetic and productive.

He’s appeared on numerous national television shows and has been a contributor to SELF Magazine’s “Self Challenge” as a national fitness coach,GQ, Glamour Magazine, Lifetime Television, NBC, CBS and Reuters International.

He is president and CEO of WellBe Solutions, which installs and executes strategically devised health solutions, campaigns and initiatives for corporations, and also co-founder of City Athlete, which offers dynamic athletic training programs for adults and after school programs for adolescents in New York City.

Alastair wholeheartedly believes that stronger local and regional food systems are not only vital to securing our environment, but key to improving our health.

Alastair recently launched LocalSqr (pronounced Local Square), and the “Go Local” corporate initiative. LocalSqr is a mobile App that helps local farmers, producers, artisans and markets grow their business by connecting them with new customers. LocalSqr also works with socially conscious corporations to educate employees on healthy nutrition, get them back to cooking from scratch and reward them for buying local food. Alastair also recently launched Root Blends. ROOT pre-portions and packages all organic and superfood heavy smoothie ingredients into single serve pouches, and ships to homes and businesses in 25 States.

Alastair is an Irishman currently residing in Manhattan, and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Coaching. He is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), and a trained healthy chef from The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts (NGI).