Food + Beverage

From fine wines and spirits to the latest epicurean delights, the world of food and beverage is growing in popularity. Foodies and aficionados are a discerning group, always in search of the most delectable foods, the finest wines, and ideas for domestic and seasonal entertaining. We have the media vehicles and distribution channels to help you precisely reach these audiences via television, radio, and the Internet. Whether they’re topics about modern cutlery, organic living, creative confectionery, or dishes made simple, our experience and enthusiasm for shaping ideas runs the gamut. Turn your Facebook page into a culinary experience for your fans by video streaming an event with a top chef; produce a 30-second branded “how-to” video series discussing topics like pairing wine and cheese; execute a live, on-the-ground remote satellite media tour (remote SMT) from food festivals and wine expeditions; or bring a vineyard’s heritage to life through the storytelling power of a video documentary. With our targeted television video placement offering we can help you reach audiences on national lifestyle cable networks as well as around local broadcast talk and food television shows. Or, via our targeted online video placement offering, let us increase your fan base and cross-promote your efforts by seamlessly integrating video on pertinent category websites that drive consumer traffic back to yours. If you’re a culinary institute, a local farm, an exclusive vineyard, a restaurant, or a wine, spirit, beverage, or food brand, we can help transition your products from TV and desktop screens to chef and server so you always have a place at the table.